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*For multiple free Mint’s to ‘The Rugged’, purchase ‘The Box’

The Box

Follow Who into the unknown… Launched on the 22nd of July 2022 as a premint to ‘The Rugged’ launching very soon, holders received mysterious boxes that give a myriad of clues relating to quantum physics and the perception of space and time. These boxes give holders access to multiple free mints for ‘The Rugged’ Collection. Each Character or Box hold’s it’s only utility, but what for?? And when?

The Box


2 Characters, 18 Boxes.




Unique Holders

The Story So Far

Accompany the story as it happens, and travel back in time to previous clues…

Coming Soon

The Rugged

Shrouded in secrecy, The Rugged, coming soon, will provide utility and reach a scope of a much wider audience. With details being released intermittently until the launch, we can only be sure of one thing. ‘The Box’ collectors will be prioritised above all else, both before, and after the drop.


Why so Much Secrecy?

Sero here… I can’t speak for Who, but Who has some both sensitive and innovative things in store. To be able to execute without compromise, information is even shielded from me! Too much negligence in the space Who says…

Not sure what that means.

Where can I find the Creator Contract?

The contract for ‘The Box’ Collection can be found here.

The Contract for Who’s One of One’s can be found here.

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